Flap Disc

Flap Disc

Flap disc are used mainly on right angle grinders.  They are designed with a hub that allows work to be done on the face of the flaps. Our flap disc offer fast stock removal and provide grinding, blending and finishing with one product at a lower cost. Our high density flaps are ideal when working on uneven or curved surfaces, as well as finer grit blending.

Zirconia Alumina – an excellent blend of zirconia and aluminum oxide abrasives grain which provides a very good cut rate to cost ratio. This is a very good choice on carbon steel, high alloy, stainless steel, high tensile materials.

Aluminum Oxide – the original metalworking abrasives, this product is recommended for smaller jobs where a consistent, low cost product is needed. This is commonly for materials of general steel, mild steel, aluminum etc.

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flap disc

FLAP DISC Applications:

  • Weld blending
  • General grinding
  • Deburring
  • Rust removal
  • Surface finishing
  • Edge chamfering
  • Stock removal


  • T27 - Flat Type - the best choice for finishing
Type Material Backing Size Grits
T27 Aluminum Oxide Plastic 100mm x 16mm 60, 80, 120
T27 Zirconia Alumina Plastic 100mm x 16mm 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 240