Robotic Deflashing of Aluminum Casting

Robotic Deflashing of Aluminum Casting




Robotic Deflashing of Aluminum Die Castings is a revolution for Aluminum Casting Industry. This system is suitable for both Pressure Die Cast (PDC) and Gravity Die Cast (GDC). Using a Combination of Flexible Deburring Tools, Belt Grinding Tools, Gate Cutting Tools and Milling Spindles, Robotic Solutions from RCP and RMT Series fullfill a wide variety of process and configuration requirements. Since its product launch in 2015, Grind Master Aluminum Deflashing Solutions have been very successful in a variety of applications.

Most of the foundries till now were doing deflashing work manually. It is time consuming process as well as very hazardous for the workers’ health. With automation replacing manual process, foundries are achieving better productivity along with consistency in output.

The 2 main variants of the Deflashing System as listed below are selected as per application requirements.

  1. Standalone Machine RMP/RMT Series
  2. Integrated Casting Machine System RCP Series
Machine Model Description
RCP Series Integrated Casting Machine Deflashing Lines

  • Job Handled by Robot
  • Multiple Tools to complete Deflashing operations
  • Integration of Additional Functions such as Trimming, Quenching etc
RMT Series Standalone Machine

  • Tool Holding by Robot
  • Deflashing of Large size PDC/ GDC Components
RMP Series Standalone Machine

  • Job Handled by Robot
  • Deflashing of Small size PDC/ GDC Components


  • Alloy Wheel Rim
  • Two wheeler footrest
  • Engine Crank Case
  • Two Wheeler Backrest Holder
  • Flywheel Housing
  • Gear Housing
  • Clutch Housing
  • Cylinder Head
  • Crank Case


  • Consistency in Output
  • High Quality Uniform Finish Result
  • Reduces Manpower
  • Eliminates Health Hazards
  • Compliance with Global Manufacturing Practices
  • Modular and Flexible Solution for Variety of Components
  • Customised tools as per application need



  • Automatic Pallet Changer and other Automation devices
  • Integrated Casting – Finishing System