Robotic Grinding & Polishing

Robotic Grinding and Polishing System




Grind Master is a pioneer and leader in various Special Purpose Machines for Belt Grinding and Polishing. Using Robotics for Automation of Complex Shaped Components, Grind Master Solutions in Robotic Grinding and Polishing are State of the Art Systems. From Heavy Stock Removal Applications such as Grinding of Parting Lines to Mirror Polishing of Stainless Steel, our expertise in Grinding and Polishing ensures an effective & reliable automatic process.

RCG and RCB systems are offered with both “Part in Robot” and “Tool in Robot” depending on size of the components.

Machine Model Description
RCG Series Robotic Belt Grinding Systems
RCB Series Robotic Polishing / Buffing Systems



  • Belt Grinding of Forgings such as Front Axle Beams, Connecting Rods
  • Polishing of Hardware and Sanitary Parts
  • Polishing of Automotive Parts



  • Grinding/Polishing Force Control
  • Auto Wheel Wear compensation
  • Single Tool / Multi Tool Systems



  • Handling Automation Devices