Cookwares Polishing

Cookwares Polishing Machines




Grind Master is pioneer in cookware polishing machines. We offer various customised as well as standard machines which can polish various cookware items such as tiffin boxes, bowls, plates, pressure cooker etc. These machines have reduced man efforts to great extent resulting in higher productivity, uniform finish along with consistency in output.

Machine Model Description
DB400 Series
  • External / Internal Buffing Machine for pots, pressure cookers, SS cookwares
  • Productivity : 120 to 200 parts/ hour
SRPM Series
  • Sunray Finishing of Pressure Cooker, SS, Stock pots, etc
  • Productivity : 120 to 200 Parts/ Hour
LPM Series
  • Lid Polishing Machine
  • Productivity : 120 to 200 Parts/ Hour
TBPM Series
  • Tiffin Box/ Casseroles Polishing Machine
  • Productivity : 120 to 200 Parts/ Hour
RIT Series
  • Automatic Tiffin Box/ Cooker/ Lid Polishing Machine
  • Productivity : 150 to 250 Parts/ Hour
Special Machines
  • Base Grooving & Edge Facing Machine



  • Ultra User Friendly Machines Unmatched Productivity
  • Uniform Polishing
  • Quick Setup Change


  • Robotic Load/ Unload for Automatic Machines
  • Auto Wheel wear compensation
  • Auto Compound Spray System
  • Dust Extraction System


  • Tiffin Box Polishing
  • Casserole
  • SS cookware and pots Polishing
  • Aluminum Pressure cooker Polishing
  • SS Pressure Cooker Polishing
  • SS Poha Plate Polishing
  • SS/ Aluminum Lids & plates Polishing
  • Polishing Lid of inner lid type cooker
  • SS Mixi/chutney bowl Polishing
  • Small size plates, Katories polishing
  • SS Water filter body Polishing
  • Hard Annodised cooker and cookware polishing
  • Lid/ Thali Polishing