Planetary Deburring Machine

Grind Master Planetary Deburring Machines

Planetary Deburring Machines use planetary head which accommodates independent rotating brush heads in it.The individual rotation of brush heads along with rotation of complete head results in burr removal from every corner of the profile.

 These machines are used for deburring flat components such as punched, fine blanked parts as well as Precision Automotive components such as Piston Rings, Compressor and Clutch/Brake parts.
Machine Model Description
CF Series
  • Conveyorised Deburring Machine
  • Uses Planetary deburring head for deburring, sometimes in combination with Belt Heads
  • Precision Deburring Option for Precise Edge Radius generation
  • Special Purpose machines custom built for Specific components deburring



  • Modular Configuration – Belt Heads, Planetary Heads, Precision Deburring Head
  • Auto Job Reversal
  • Auto Load/ Unload
  • Auto wear compensation
  • Coolant System
  • Dust Extraction System


  • Deburring of punched fined blanked & laser, plasma cut parts
  • Precision deburring of sintered parts, pump parts, fuel injection parts
  • Deburring of punched and fine blanked parts like clutch plates, deburring of compressor plates