32 Series

32 Series

The 32 series is a compact dry working machine for edge deburring, smoothing and/or finishing flat metal parts like stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and copper parts. The machine has the same design as the Red Dot 2016 Award winning model the 42 RB series. Besides bigger parts, small parts can be operated as well, using the vacuum table. The machine is available with a various set of aggregates, with the multi-disc brush aggregate as the latest development of Timesavers. This stylish deburring machine is very easy to operate, because of its excellent ergonomics. Besides this the 32 series has low tooling costs, is energy efficient and has an attractive value for money. These things combined with high-quality deburring and edge rounding techniques makes the Timesavers deburring machine a perfect machine for the metal processing industry. The variety of heads and the multiple widths in combination with the standard features allows this machine to process a wide range of parts.


  • Removing standing burrs from laser, punched and water jet cut parts
  • Processing of mixed materials like stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper etc.
  • Breaking of edges/fine finishing with a brush or disc
  • Removing of laser oxide layer on mild steel parts with a special brush


  • Machine working width of max. 1100 mm
  • Efficient operating process due to a user friendly Siemens HMI that is placed on 45 degrees so you have a good view of the process
  • With standard integrated vacuum table and frequency controlled motors
  • Vacuum table has a automatic cleaning cycle
  • Easy to change the brushes with our quick exchange slide and easy lock disc system
  • Multi range of brush types possible for a variety of parts
  • Pre-grinding heavy burrs and surface finishing in one pass with multiple heads   


NEW - Rotary Brush

Cup Brush