42 Series Top Bottom Deburring

42 Series Top Bottom Deburring





Timesavers 42 Series Top and Bottom (42 TB) machine deburrs and rounds the edges of flat parts on both sides simultaneously. This is accomplished by using 6 brushes on the top head, and 6 brushes on the bottom head. Each head uses a gearbox to spin 3 of its brushes clockwise, and the other 3 brushes counter clockwise; both of these heads then cycle perpendicular to the feed direction for even deburring.

By using the pre-grinding head and the finishing head, the machine is able to remove heavy burrs from the top face, deburr both top and bottom faces with the slashed abrasives of the product in one pass. The intuitive controls on the machine minimize set up time and maximize output. The pre-setup programs in the PLC control standardize the deburring process.


  • Removing burrs from laser, plasma, flame, water-jet cut parts and punched components
  • Stainless, mild steel, aluminium, copper etc.
  • Deburr zintec, galvanized, plated aluzinc, light alloy, plastic and film coated
  • No coating damage, including ink marked parts when deburring
  • Pre-grinding heavy burrs and surface finishing in one pass
  • Smallest part length 145 mm.
  • Laser oxide removal
  • Processing of very thin material possible because brushes can be set below 0-level


  • Head Types: Grinding Wheel, Brush
  • Machine Widths: 1000 mm
  • Abrasive Brush Size: 76 mm x 400 mm
  • Number of Brushes: 12
  • Quick Change Brush Mounting
  • 0-25 mm Bed Opening
  • 0.5-2 m/min  Feed Speed
  • Dust Collection quoted separately

Standard Execution:

  • Centralized control panel with simple set-up
  • Servo controlled with 6 oscillating system brushes on each of the top and the bottom head sets
  • 3 brushes rotating clockwise and 3 brushes rotating counter clockwise
  • Motorized height adjustment 0-25 mm
  • Frequency controlled feed speed 0,5-2 m/min
  • CE
  • Window doors and illuminated interior to observe process
  • Led bars on infeed and outfeedside that shows machine status