Sheet Metal Polishing

Polished Sheet metal is commonly designed and built for cosmetics applications, such as buildings architecture, lift interiors, semi-con equipment ... etc.  Due to the large surface area, inconsistent finishing is easily visible and eventually rejected.  Re-work on the defect surface is very hassle. It will require the entire surface area to be re-polished.  Hence, it is important to achieve consistent surface finish using a reliable sheet metal polishing machines


Illustration of a building with multiple stainless steel structures.

Accord Corporation has wide a range of belt sanders for sheet metal polishing. This is applicable to various types of metal such as stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and mild steel. 

Different surface finishing requires different polishing processes and  abrasive products.  Depending on the surface finishing and workpiece size range our machines have different configurations to match the needs of every customers.

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