Sheet Metal Deburring

Sheet metal deburring machines

Deburring sheet metal manually is tedious process.  Accord Corporation has several solutions for customers who require machine that can perform Deburring, Edge Rounding (radius 2.0mm), Heavy Slag Removal on sheet metal or metal plate after laser cutting, punching, flame or plasma cutting, water-jet cutting and machining.  This is applicable to various types of metal, such as stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, copper, mid steel, EG sheet ... etc.

We always strive to improve the cycle time and improve consistency quality of part for our machines.  End-users will benefit from the consistent parts' quality, increase output & productivity and reduce labour dependency.  

Our deburring machines comply with the global manufacturing practices.  We save your time!

deburring sheet metal     Deburring

edge rounding  Edge rounding

heavy slag removal heavy slag removal

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