Sheet Metal Deburring

Timesavers sheet metal deburring machines


Deburring sheet metal by manual is tedious process.  Timesavers has the solution for customers who require a machine that can perform deburring on sheet metal and round the edges with the highest quality and most beautiful finishing.  This is applicable to a variety of different kinds of metal, such as copper, aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel.  We strive to improve the cycle time and increase consistency quality of part.  In addition, companies will benefit from consistent parts' output, reduce labour dependency. While worker's skills will be upgraded to learn to operate the machines, they will be equipped with the knowledge through training.  Our deburring machines are compliance with the global manufacturing practices.  We save your time!

deburring sheet metal     Deburring

edge rounding  Edge rounding

Deburring with an abrasive belt removes vertical burrs but sometimes results in lateral burrs or sharp edges. Timesavers deburring machine offers a variety of approaches to remove lateral burrs and soften edges, including soft drums, oscillating brushes, rotary discs and rotary brushes. This can include all actions to break the Edge of a part, but is mostly associated with the creation of a radius to the Edge of a part. This is more of an Edge rounding than just removing the sharpness / deburring. A radius of 2.0 is achievable without specific requirements. 

heavy slag removal heavy slag removal

If you are looking for heavy slag removal, we can offer Timesavers Heavy Slag Removal as well!

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